Saturday, June 9, 2012

River Photoshoot

I haven't posted in a while. I'm sorry. I've been busy and tired and just haven't gotten around to it. I've been trying to get my Etsy store off the ground but I've been procrastinating...I'm kind of scared, nervous...I don't know. But slowly I'm trying to get that going. I've been working lots. I actually have full time hours this month. The woman I'm taking over for will be here at least another month but for the time being my boss has a co worker working in a different barn so he can give me as many hours as he can. I like it. More money to pay the bills. :) 

I've done so many photoshoots in the past week or so. Well, more than I have in the last few months. I've done three lately. I was supposed to do one yesterday but my battery was dead and my other one was at home charging on the wall. I was very upset with myself. I'm rarely ever that disorganized! But today we went down by the river to do a photoshoot. We only did one outfit though even though we wanted to do that one last night and two today. Right now it's raining pretty good. It is so pretty. :) And it smells so fresh. 

Here are some fresh, unedited photos of the first photoshoot. 

The river was SOOOO beautiful that day! I want to go back there and have a picnic and just lay there on a hot, sunny day. 

I have no idea what happened here but for some odd reason my camera focused on the very middle of her dress and kind of weirdly blurred the rest. I love the way it turned out though.

And this is what I call a "behind the scenes" shot. Our friend, the other one with the camera, is trying to build a porfolio so she was taking pictures and I actually just tagged alone. I love any chance I have to take pictures. 

And this girl just LOVES doing funny faces during photoshoots.

So it's been a while since I posted last and hopefully it won't be so long until my next post. I really want to stick with this. I tend do something for a while then slowly stop doing it until a few months down the road I pick it up again and I really want to keep with this so I'm trying. 

I have to make a dress for a wedding next month. I have two ideas but don't know which to use. I have to get my butt in gear to drafting the pattern and make this dress. I only have just over a month...oh boy....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Experiment - Dying White Bedsheet Red

I's been a long time I posted last. I just haven't had the time or creativity for posting stuff. And I've been working and tired. This next month I'll be getting full time hours. Which I put all the days into my phone in a note before I left work yesterday...then I didn't save the note. *facepalm* I guess I'll be waiting until Thursday to get my days down. Again. But I did count  up the days so I do know how many I work. And I remember a few of my days.

It's finally getting nice out, too! Yesterday it rained in the morning then slowly stopped. Today it's sunny, but not terribly warm. From here on it's supposed to be sunny and getting warmer. :) 

I had so much energy to do stuff today (cleaning, dishes, laundry, etc) but now I don't have any energy. I just feel soo blah.. I have gotten some laundry and dishes done but that's it. Ugh. I guess I'm going to have to force myself to get up and make supper after I post this. Chicken Fried Rice is what I'm gonna make. :) Yum!

I experimented with dying a white bedsheet red. Sadly it did fade a bit after washing it so I want to do another dying of red then hopefully it'll be dark enough. I want to use it for a red riding hood themed photoshoot since I haven't been able to find a large amount of nice red material anywhere. :( Sadly I don't have a picture of the final product (well, before a second dying) Maybe I'll post when I colour the sheet again...

Here's some picture of my experiment...

It looks like a crime scene...

Yup...looks like I killed somebody...

I would've used our kitchen sink (no staining) except it's not big enough so I took my chances with a white bathtub. Luckily, it did not stain (I didn't think it would or at least not badly but my cousin had it stain her bathtub at one point).

That is all for my post today. Sorry it's nothing special. I'll try to get some cool up soon. Maybe another recipe? Tutorial? Show and Tell? Hmm...I'll think up something...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tutorial - Fixing the Wear on Inner Thighs of Jeans

The weather SUCKS today. It was really nice and sunny, then yesterday was a bit blah and cloudy and today it was pure overcast with rain. :( They're predicting about two days of sun (not really great temperatures though) then four days of pure rain. :( I hate rain. It's depressing. However! Once Monday is over I have a FULL WEEK off work!! Yay! I wouldn't mind working and earning more money, but only part time with random hours so it just happens that I have a full week off work. I don't mind that much. I'd love if the forecast would change to sunny and warm though...Monday through to Thursday (the farthest they predict right now) is rain so...PLEASE PLEASE change and be sunny instead!! 

Today I have a tutorial to post (oooooh!). My first tutorial on my blog! I have two more in the works to be posted and trying to think up a few other ones to do.  I haven't done tutorials before since I usually make things up along the way. But also I forget to take pictures along the way and tutorials are no good unless they have step by step pictures. 


I have the worst problem ever with wearing out the thighs of my jeans. I always have to retire my jeans way before I want to because of the giant holes in the thigh. Actually it's like that for any pair of pants. I have  pair of yoga pants that I've sewn the thighs about three times because they are the comfiest pair of yoga pants ever and I can't seem to find any to replace them so I keep repairing them. However, jeans are a bit harder to repair because they shred and fray. But then I came upon a tutorial on how to fix them. I couldn't exactly follow her tutorial so I kind of changed it up a bit to fit what I had at home. They are not perfect but at least they are wearable.

These are some of my BEST fitting jeans. The other day I had to buy some more jeans because I only had about three or four pairs of jeans that fit nicely (this pair being one of them) and I had to go through 26 different pairs of jeans to find 3 that fit, that was depressing....


For this tutorial done my way, you'll need some Iron On Stitchery and some non-stretch material (I used some scrap bedsheet material). And a sewing machine. This probably could be done by hand I guess but it will take longer.

These are my jeans before.

See the lovely giant hole...yeah...lots of skin showed through that hole. And the other thigh is starting to fall apart.

As well as a hole that is forming by the pocket. It is starting to show a lot of my panties. 

First I turned my jeans inside out and I shoved a towel in the pant leg so I can iron the pant leg. 

Now you want to lay the iron on stitchery over the hole.I also stretched it out over the part that was starting to wear thin because if I didn't it would soon have it's own hole.

I took a large piece of bedsheet to make sure that I covered all of the iron on stitchery. You will be able to trim away the excess later so don't worry about taking a much larger chunk of material.

Lay the material over the iron on stuff and work away with the iron (sorry I didn't get a picture of the ironing part). Keep it on long enough that the iron on stitchery starts to stick to the denim and material. It had a slight hold when still warm but to get the full strength I left it alone until I cooled then tested it again to make sure it held. 

Another part I missed was the trimming. I pulled the material slightly up so I could see the edges of where it was stuck onto the denim then I used a green highlighter just to mark the edge then I cut the excess off.

Your next step is to stitch around the edge of the iron on area. 

Then you want to zig zag the crap out of it! If you want to can try to match the thread to the denim so it blends in better but I wasn't overly concerned with that. It's on the inner thighs after all and I just wanted to be able to wear my jeans again. On the other leg I just went over the areas that were the weakest since I didn't have any real big holes or anything to cover.

For the hole by the pocket I just used a piece of random denim from another pair of jeans cover the hole. I didn't intent on completely zig zagging over it because I didn't want a big black dot on my butt...but then I decided I didn't care and zig zagged the crap out of it as well as you can see on the above picture.


Overall, this was fairly simple and quick to do. The hardest part was fitting the jeans onto my sewing machine. It took a bit of extra time to get the inner thigh under the foot and then make sure no other part of the jeans were under the foot. But after that it was pretty easy and quick. It'd be much easier to do this with larger jeans. The tutorial I originally found, the woman was fixing her husband's jeans so they were much, much easier to sew with the sewing machine.


And that is it! If you do this, let me know how it works for you. :) 

I will be back in a few days to post some new stuff. What would you like to see? A tutorial? Show and tell? Update on what I'm sewing? What should I do for my tutorials? Hmm..

Anyway, I'm off to go workout right away. I hope wherever ya'll are the weather is much nicer than here. Bye!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Foodie Friday: Crockpot Cheesy Bacon Potatoes

Party time!! Yay! It's the weekend! And I don't work this weekend!! :D Next weekend I work Friday to Monday I think. But I'm free this weekend. Oh yeah, baby! 


So slowly I'm getting things set up for my Etsy store. I'm kind of scared of actually posting things though. I'm scared of all of a sudden getting a sale way before I ever expected one and then not being prepared and messing it up somehow. I'm trying to think of everything possible I'll need to sell and ship things but I'm still worried so I think I'm sort of putting it off... I have a handful of shirts photographed right now. Hopefully I'll start working on descriptions soon and maybe post a few items...




 Time for another food post! Yay! This time it is Crockpot Bacon Cheesy Potatoes. They are so yummy! And crockpots are the best thing!


 You need:
 - bacon (how much ever you want. I used one package)
- 2 onions
- 4 medium potatoes
- cheese
- salt and pepper
- butter


- Precook the bacon. My favourite way to cook it is to cut it up BEFORE frying it (if it needs to be diced). Then I drain the bacon (tilt the pan on the edge of the burner and put bacon all on the high end) and also put it on some papertowel to help get some of the fat off.

- Next you need to line the crockpot with foil, leaving extra on the top to cover the potatoes. This will prevent most of the sticking and will steam the potatoes.

- Next throw all the bacon, onions, and potatoes into the crockpot. I threw in random amounts until I had enough. I did have some extra potatoes that wouldn't fit. Season with salt and pepper. (I used some tongs to mix things together. I didn't take a picture of that, but the picture where I'm mixing the cheese in is the same tongs I used for this part). Then you need to dot with the butter.

- Fold over the remaining foil.


- Cover and cook on high for 3 or 4 hours.

 - Before the last few minutes, add the shredded cheese. Or when it is done just add the cheese and let it sit with the lid on for a few minutes. That's what I did. It melts the cheese just as well. 

And now it's done!! And yummy! 

There ya go. :) Until next time... If you make this, let me know what you think of it! :) I'm thinking this would taste GREAT with a beer... :D

Friday, May 4, 2012

Show and Tell - Shoe Version

I officially have a job again! I started yesterday and worked today as well. Right now it's part time but soon it will be full time from the sounds of it. 

I would talk about my day about here...but I worked all day...and then did a 2.5 hour drive to my dad's place for the weekend and now I'm watching Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids and that's it. That was my day...very exciting... 

For my job I picked 6000 and some eggs today. Yup, that's all I do for eight hours. haha Twice a day I have to walk the barns to pick up eggs on the floor and pick up dead birds but otherwise I stand by a belt and pick the eggs. They get put onto trays and onto a huge cart (one cart holds 5040 eggs and I always have one full cart and then some). I'm in charge of a full barn by myself which is two belts. I am completely by myself and doing the same thing over and over and over again but I really don't mind it...I kind of like it. lol I get paid above minimum wage...start above minimum and then it sounds like once I get the hang of it my wage will go up. 

Well, my cousin just called me. Our grandma is in the hospital. She just randomly passed out. A few years ago she had heart problems and had to undergo heart surgery so this really worries me. My mom and aunt are at the hospital with her waiting. My aunt is going to call my cousin when they know what's up and then my cousin will call me so now it's just waiting to hear. But damn, when it rains it POURS. It always seems to all happen at once. Every time stuff went bad, a lot of stuff went bad. :( Right now is my grandpa is in a wheelchair, can't even take two steps by himself. He's been getting worse over the last two years or so but he's really, really bad right now. To the point for father's day we're getting the whole family together for a birthday party for him because it might be the last time we're all together. :( And these are both grandparents on my mom's side of the family. And when I found out that my grandpa was in a wheelchair I also found out that my grandma's breast cancer might be back. This really sucks. I really hate this. When one bad things happens, a whole bunch of other bad stuff always happens. 

For the last three years, each year somebody I love has passed away. I really hope this year breaks that trend...

Anyway, I'm just going to sit here waiting by the phone for a call. And for all you's something for you! :) 


Today is show and tell!!! :D I'm showing off my shoe collection. In the last few weeks I've went up by FOUR pairs. But that was only because they were very cheap. I'm a cheap person. At least that's how I try not to spend too much money. I bought one pair at a second hand store and I bought three at Walmart. One pair was on sale for $9 and two pairs were on sale for $3. How can you pass up $3 high heels?!?!?!

This is how I store my high heels. It usually gets very messy but I tidied it up when I was putting them all back after the pictures. I was able to fit more on the rack this time. Before I couldn't fit all my shoes on it.

Now for close ups of my shoes. :) Almost all my shoes are 4inches or taller. I'm only 5' tall so I use high heels to make me feel normal height. :P


#1 - the shoes I bought at a second hand store. I saw them and fell in love! There was no way I was leaving without them. I'm thinking it must've barely been worn because the shoes are in really good shape. 
#2 - $3 Walmart shoes. Another pair that I saw and just had to have! I wouldn't pay full price for them but for $3 there was no reason not to buy them! They are very tall but with the platform they're quite easy to walk in and fairly comfortable.
#3 - these are the $9 Walmart shoes. Quite comfortable except the back rubs against the back of my ankle so next time I wear them I'll probably put bandaids on my ankles to solve that problem. Otherwise they are also very comfortable to wear and not even that tall!
#4 - $3 high heels as well! And one of my shorter pairs. They're not usually the type of heels that I buy but I thought they were cute. I wore them for a wedding this past Tuesday.
 Now these are getting into my older shoes. As you noticed the first four were all my new shoes.


Now these are getting into my older shoes. As you noticed the first four were all my new shoes.
#1 - These are probably one of my tallest (I think I have only three pairs of heels that are 5.5 inches) but they are also easy to walk in because of the platforms.
#2 - probably my only sensible high heels. Just simple style and very small heels. These are more for plain casual heels with jeans. They were second hand otherwise I would never buy these for regular price. I don't love them that much. They are mainly for certain circumstances.
#3 - the wedges I bought quite a long time ago actually. I've only worn them once I think. My uncles wedding a few summers ago. It was an outside wedding so these worked much better than other heels. They are fairly comfortable as well.
#4 - oh my, these are probably one of my very favourite shoes out of my whole collection! They were on sale but still probably the most expensive of all my high heels. The only reason I bought them was because I was given some money to spend on myself so I figured why not buy some high heels. I just love the chains and the studs and everything!


#1 - I actually got on sale at Walmart for $9 as well. I got them at the end of winter for my winter use next year. I like wearing footwear with a tiny heel in winter because otherwise my jeans get all wet and muddy.
#2 - These are the boots I wore this past winter. Usually just to the bar and places like that. They are just so lovely! I adore wearing them with boots. Very simple and not too fancy or tall.
#3 - Shoes I got as a birthday present or Christmas present last year from some friends. I LOVE them. I love the blue and how they stand out because of it. However, they are a bit more difficult to walk in because there's no platform and my feet being so small, I almost am walking straight on tip toes because of the angle of my foot but I figure they would be really fun to do a photoshoot in either way.
#4 - Shoes from Ardene's, ahh, another of my absolutely favourite pairs! And very comfortable. I wore them to a wedding last year and got lots of compliments on them. I really love these ones!


#1 - These I saw and HAD to buy! There was no second thoughts, I found my size, tried them on and went on my way in a matter of minutes. lol The first time wearing these was actually to church when I was singing with a group of girls. I have put some gel liners in them with a raised arch to help be more comfortable for long term wear. The shoes I love the most and wear the most I try to put padded insoles in them.
#2 - Another pair from a second hand store. They fit sooo amazing! Usually it's quite hard to find shoes that fit perfectly, but these really do. The strap (which is wrapped around the shoe right now) wrap around the ankle. When I bought them the heel looked fairly looking at my other heels, these look really low! haha
#3 - A pair I bought quite a while ago. The only problem I have with them is getting my feet to fit in them comfortable. My feet a touch wide for the size so I have to wiggle a bit before they get to a comfortable spot then I'm fine for the rest of the day.
#4 - Ah, my Italy shoes! These I bought in Italy (duh) in 2009 when I got the chance to travel to Europe through a teacher of mine. I went with my mom and my best friend and her mom from my school and a group from another school. Then we met up with another Canadian school group when we got to Europe. While I was there I HAD to get a dress in Paris and shoes in Italy...just to say I did. For my cousin's grad last year I MADE a dress just to match my shoes. I didn't have any dresses that matched already and I had to wear them in public somehow!


The last four! Finally!
#1 - the shoes I wore for my grad. The reason they're so dirty! lol I've never actually worn high heels all day long. It's not good for your feet so whenever I get the chance to take them off I do but during my grad between the banquet, pictures and ceremony I didn't really have the chance to take them off which is also why I bought a simple pair of shoes with a lower heel than my usual choices.
#2 - My mid calf boots...really the only pair I have ever found that fit my calves! I have fairly large calves so boots rarely ever fit unless they are like these and lace up. I got these and my grad shoes for $60 during a 2 for $60 sale. These boots are originally $170. My cousin bought the same boots that same day (and oddly enough the same shoes except in black!) then when my friend heard about them she went and bought herself a pair of these boots and later I found out my other cousin had bought these boots! How funny.
#3 - Now out of all the high heels I have now these are probably my OLDEST pair. One of the very first pair of high heels I ever bought. I haven't worn them in ages but think I should. I think they are quite cute. Very simple and much lower than my others, but cute all the same. :)
#4 - These were another second hand purchase. They were bought with the times in mind where I want to wear something with a heel but want to keep it very low and casual. Enough heel to make me a bit taller but not enough that people can automatically tell I'm wearing high heels.


So what do you think? These are only my high heels too! lol I also have a variety of plain shoes, flip flops and ballet flats that I wear in my every day life. These I don't get to wear often but every chance I get to wear high heels I take it!

What does your shoe collection look like? More? Less? Tell me!